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Mary Chenevey(non-registered)
Very impressive pictures of Yellowstone. I love going there when there is still snow on the ground..
Dena Kraft(non-registered)
Breathtaking images! A most beautiful time of the year to be in Yellowstone. You surely made the most of your trip capturing such amazing scenes. Thank you for sharing your trip.
Teresa McCombs(non-registered)
Great work! Can't wait to see the tennis pics from New Phila High School!!
Football Mom(non-registered)
Love the football photos . . Indian Valley - Thank you!
I feel so relaxed after viewing your beautiful slideshow - Sunset on Lake Erie! Beautiful pics my friend!
Matt Gurwell(non-registered)
You do beautiful work, Chris!
al fleming(non-registered)
Hey Chris, You have some awsume photos. They seem to tell a story about who you are and that you are passionate about the way you see your world in photos. You surely dont need any help from me. Love your photos, very impresive.
Shirley Anderson-Hewitt(non-registered)
Chris, I enjoyed ALL of your lovely pictures and the music! It was fun chatting with you and your friend at Lock & Dam #14 today. Keep up the good work! :)
Dena Kraft(non-registered)
Chris, you have some great photos here. So many to look at and all very interesting. You ARE quite the sports photographer. I can see you love what you do! You are very talented for sure. Look forward to photographing the eagles with you in Feb.
Staci Frankovich(non-registered)
Thanks again for all the work you did at ECOL!!! I can't wait for Christmas to give the girls their collages!! I know they will love them!!
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